Marine-doc Estate

Unique circular housing concept ‘Marine-doc Estate’ transforms former cargo ships into exclusive homes, on land!

Jaar: 2018 | Team: Enterprise Partner, Studio Komma, Studio Kees Marcelis, Buro Poelmans Reesink |

The consortium comprising of Dutch based entities Enterprise Partner, Studio Komma, Studio Kees Marcelis and Buro Poelmans Reesink unveils the design for Marine-doc Estate. A green landscape park where former inland motor freighters are lifted on land and converted into exclusive and sustainable homes. Currently the team is discussing collaboration with municipalities and local developers, both nationally and internationally, to secure land positions.

Icons that reflect shipbuilding tradition

Marine-doc Estate offers an inspiring second life for cargo ships that have reached the end of their economic lifespan. E.g. the Kempenaar; a proud icon of Dutch inland waterway shipping with a length of 60 meters or more. In the early days built to last and vastly functional, but these vessels increasingly have to make way for larger and more efficient river ships. For the Kempenaar, demolition is often the only option left. Marine-doc Estate responds to this by reusing the metal structure of the original vessel, reconcile sustainability and place it in a new habitat.

Interior floor plan around patios

The architecture is contemporary and detailed. It demonstrates the integration of modern sustainable design with functional industrial heritage and adapts to today’s living standards. Since inland motor freighters vary in shape and size, every home has its unique appearance. The design preserves the original style characteristics of the stern, wheelhouse and foredeck and combines these with sleek geometric shapes to provide aesthetic counterweight. Folding the interior around a number of patios creates a playful layout with ample room for personalization. The south side is provided with large facade openings, while the north side remains relatively closed to maintain intimacy. A generous roof terrace is situated on top, with a free floor plan that provides an all-sided view over the estate.

Inland cargo vessels in a natural landscape park

Each estate accommodates between 6 and 14 maritime homes, situated in a green landscape in the vicinity of open water. The landscape park will be constructed in use of the existing historical and natural terrain conditions, and becomes publicly accessible. A well considered interplay between the houses and sight lines opens up the site and secures the privacy of the residents.


Marine-doc Estate is part of the ambition to transform redundant merchant ships into luxury contemporary living and working spaces on land, throughout the world. The plan is to build 2 Marine-doc Estates in the Netherlands and 16 internationally. All locations jointly form an exclusive international community of circular maritime home owners.