Stand and sportaccommodation for a soccerclub
Jaar: 2016 | Status: competition

By a football club that is active in the class we were asked to design a sportsaccommodation and stand, in addition to the existing clubhouse. There is demand for more capacity in the stand, an after-school care, and support areas such as changing rooms, referee rooms and medical facilities.

Rethink stands

For this design the archetype of the soccer stand is redefined. The seating area is lifted and supplemented with a broad staircase, which creates the possibility to enter the stand on all sides: the mountain. In addition to the extra routing the stairs provide extra seating capacity if needed.

The project clearly shows that the questioning of assumptions can create beautiful solutions, where the whole society can benefit.

Programs and regulations

Designing the stand property was complex by the of rules and regulations for sport buildings and KNVB associations. Through clever programming, new social features (the bar and after school care) are coupled with the old building. The accommodation will be multiple and diverse usable, and gives a logic to the extension.

The design also ensures a quality boost for the existing building, which sponsors can offer more options and can generate more revenue through rentals and drink sales.