ZIP 2516

Iconic booster for the transformation of the Binckhorst to residential area
Jaar: 2017 | 1e prijs | Team: Studio Komma & De Mannen van Schuim | Locatie: Den Haag

In the coming years industrial Binckhorst Hague transform into a lively residential area. In order to boost the development the city of The Hague wrote a competition won by ZIP2516, an initiative of Studio Komma and The Men of Foam.

The Binckhorst in The Hague is a region in transformation. More specifically, a transition from a closed industrial area into a vibrant living and working area. ZIP2516 gives an answer, and is a concept in which social and commercial entrepreneurship is combined with a public square.

ZIP2516 is a fully demountable building that -if necessary temporary-may constitute a driver for the development of the area. The building has a program that meets the ambitions of The Hague and the metropolitan region, while adding quality to the public spaces of the Binck Harbor.

The ground floor of building is occupied by social entrepreneur Happy Tosti, which goes along with other social entrepreneurs a flagship store, training center, catering and hospitality facilities. The first floor of the building is a public plaza and terrace, called the Urban Playground. This square is a space for events, meetings and sports. The 2 nd and 3 rd floor of the building accommodate an incubator for startups. World Startup Factory will along with regional research institutes run an accelerator program, thereby giving a strong boost to The Hague urban economy and the region.

The top floor of ZIP2516 offers place yo the Hermit Gin Bar, which combines the terrace with a garden.

New life for an old garage

ZIP2516 has a wide circular concept. In addition to the “Lego principle” (complete disassembly and moveable) the building makes use of the donor material of an old parking garage. The material of the garage can be reused for about 95% in the new building. In addition, the recycled materials are used in such a way that they are also removable and displaceable.

Ready for the future: energy-smart and flexible

ZIP2516 is designed to be a future-proof building. The facades of the building consist of “smart panels. Panels can be linked, and which accommodate the installation of the building. This allows for flexible floor plans, and the ability to provide the building in the future of an upgrade. Solar cells in the walls and on the roof control the energy demand and provide energy neutrality.